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A Review: The Livia

A Review: The Livia

As a part of Fibromyalgia, I suffer from extreme abdominal pain, which, as I have previously said, restricts my everyday life in many ways. Hence, when I heard of the Livia, I absolutely had to give it a try.

What the Livia is

The Livia is a tiny, iPod size device that clips discretely onto your pants or skirt, and sends micro vibrations into your abdominal area, hence loosening muscles and supposedly alleviating pain.

The Livia arrived at my Dublin address in a nice, little, well-boxed package, which was relatively easy to open, a week after I ordered it. It’s super light, charges in the same port as my iPhone and has a not-unpleasant rubbery texture. It’s also in a super cute teal green-blue colour. Most importantly, it clips easily onto my pants and secures relatively comfortably onto my stomach by way of gel pads.

How It Works

The vibrations that it distributes can be set to whatever level of noticability you’re comfortable with. The Livia┬áhas two little cute plus and minus buttons to adjust this with. Major plus: it lights up when you do! It does give a little jolt of vibration every time you kick it up a notch, but nothing obvious. Not only did I manage to walk to and from my favourite cafe with it attached to me, I actually took a flight from Marseille back to Dublin with this thing attached to me. Win!

So, did it work?

Of course, the main question is: did it relieve my stomach pain? The answer is: to a degree. Obviously, this little device wasn’t going to fix my big problem, being abdominal cysts. However, it did relieve the muscular pain and spasms that came along with it. Not only that, I also used it to relieve some of the pain and tension in my lower back during my period. In my book, that’s a significant improvement as it is incredibly portable, which a heat pack is most certainly not.

I really like the way that it tucks really nicely into a super cute little white box, that’s easy to shove in my handbag. Like I said, heat packs = not so portable, so having something that does effectively the same thing, that I can discretely pull out of my bag and put on in the bathroom at uni is a huge bonus. Huge. All I have to worry about now is the boys asking why I’m taking my bag with me…

My only thing would be, make sure you order extra gel pads as the device package only comes with three. As it ships from Israel, shipping costs, and you don’t want to be paying to ship more gel pads.

I would, 100%, without a doubt, recommend the Livia device to women who want minor relief for abdominal problems. Like I say, I’m not promoting a cure and this isn’t a fix-all; but it sure diminished my period pain and general cramps.

The Pacific Blonde, 2017