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Culture Trip Series

Culture Trip Series

I’ve always been fascinated with the Parisian girl. There has always been something chic and alluring about the gamine French culture, and I have countless books to prove it. It’s something that every young girl seems to go through – an obsession with obsessions, a young woman simply trying to find her place in society by modeling herself off others style.

Culture Trip

It’s a story as old as time; young women searching for someone to model themselves after, someone who got it right to follow. With today’s expectations on young women, it’s no wonder that we’re all hunting for new, impossible role models.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my studies, it’s that each culture has a different and alluring quality that the locals generally ignore. It’s the way they walk, communicate, shop, wear their clothes, thank the waiter. Every culture is different.

Culture Trip

As we all know, post several operations, I headed over to Dublin, where my (newly) Irish father was working with their electricity companies. I was traveling, but I was also looking for something. I was searching for a new identity: mourning a version of myself that wasn’t sick.


I soon realized that I would never be satisfied with any force, modified version of myself. You couldn’t force ruffles and big skirts on me in a pink fit; yet, due to my abdominal pain, I could not continue my style as I had.

My solution was a simple one; I changed myself. I chopped off my luscious locks, packed my worldly belongings into a Ryanair-approved cabin bag, and bought a Eurail pass, hoping to continue my world experience and extend my studies while I was unable to attend university.


While I was traveling, I stumbled across something that I never thought I would; in a word, culture. Though the Parisian style is toted around like a designer bag, each nation, each town, has a unique identity of its own. I saw the Hygge in Copenhagen, the Lagom in Stockholm, the precision of the Germans and the prettiness of the Irish. I saw a unique identity that came from the history and circumstances of each place, and thought, hey, why not record it?

So, here they are, all packaged up into a post series that I’ll be for the next few months. My aim is to expand your knowledge. Consider this a travel/style/sociology/historical/survival guide.


Welcome to the Culture Trip series, and without further ado, lets jump in.

When the posts go up, you can click on the links here!

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