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Free Medical Journal

Free Medical Journal

Hello lovely! 

This week, instead of posting some wonderful big, long, wordy post, I’ve got a surprise for you all! In our FREE resource library, all and any subscribers can pick up a copy of our medical journal!


Complete with a symptom journal, immediate symptom or pain form, medical contact sheet, and medication information sheet, this four-page print out is exactly what I use to track my symptoms.



It makes it so much easier for me to directly tell my doctors about pain type, scale, and date. This journal is something I keep printed out and tucked in my Kate Spade planner.


I also take this to the hospital, so that the nurses have all my contacts (both medical and personal). In addition to this, the medication sheet means I can hand it straight to the nurse, without filling in other forms.

This medical journal, complete with cute-floral-motif (sorry guys) is FREE for subscribers to download!


Not a subscriber? Click on that pink ‘subscribe now’ box to the right of this post. Once you’ve confirmed that you want this super-awesome-content, you’ll get an email with all the details! Plus, you’ll also be privy to heaps of other content, like our ‘Know Your Worth’ worksheet. With a new printable going up each month, you’ll have yourself under control in no time.


If you’ve already downloaded our worksheet, I’d love to hear what you think about it. As always, I’m totally open to comments about changes that should be made.



Much love, 


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