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Luna | An adoption story

Luna | An adoption story

Okay, so I’m too young to adopt a human. So instead, I found myself a poor cat to torture. Luna and her siblings were found on the side of the great ocean road, barely born, next to their dead mother. Luna was given to me at just three weeks old, and though she simply seemed tiny, we quickly realised that she was very very sick.

My Little Fighter

First, it was ringworm. Next, awful fleas. Then a stomach bug. But we persisted, and she proved to be a strong little bugger – stubborn to the end. It was fitting that the sickest kitten of the litter ended up with me, specifically in the height of my illness.

Many people who know me – have known me, for a very long time – blanche when they see me with my baby, mainly because she is the only thing I will ever snuggle with that level of ferocity. But she understands me, and I her, and somehow, we are tough together, and although she likes to take chunks out of my arms, the biggest piece of me that she will ever have is my heart.

She’s a complete menace

This photo below was taken of her before she pounced on our dog. She’s a complete terror. However, presently, she’s asleep and tickling my nose with her tail.

Note: She’s now one and a half. She hates everyone, unlike her namesake, Luna Lovegood, and likes to hide in my closet. But I love her, and that’s all that matters.

Note note: The dog is Holly, and she’s the family dog. Luna loves her. Holly is terrified of Luna.

The Pacific Blonde, 2017