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New Year, New You

New Year, New You

I honestly cannot believe it’s been another year. I’ve been absent from the blog for a little while, I know, and for that, I’m so sorry. However, I’m here now, to hopefully convince you to join me in making a few little tweaks in your life to reap a positive reward. That’s right, I’m talking about the all-important, all dreaded, rarely kept phenomenon of resolutions.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve done a lot of self-reflection. It’s very difficult to tilt your view up when an illness has been kicking you down, I know. It can take months, and years, to change this viewpoint. It’s taken me weeks of stable living to even consider my self-destructive tendencies. However, even the slightest change in thinking can reap a positive result.

Making resolutions for 2018

In fact, I want you to join me in making three resolutions; short, medium and long-term resolutions that will hopefully improve either yours or someone else’s quality of life. I’m not asking you to change the world or even your life; I’m asking you to consider three things that will make a small change.

Posting them like I am, or telling a family member or friend, gives you some accountability; forces you to try and keep them. I also implore you to stay away from resolutions like ‘eat healthier’, ‘lose weight’ and ‘drink more water’. Those are everyday goals, and frankly are overused as resolutions. Be better than that.

Short-term resolutions

The question is; what can you change now, to make later better? My short-term resolution is to get up and go to bed earlier. I was finding that going to bed at 1 am, and sleeping until 10 am wasn’t exactly good for my health; a couple of sleepless nights showed me the magic of the morning. Being; it’s quieter, and you get more done.

See, I was winding down at 9 pm and staying awake until 11 pm, 12 pm or 1 am. I was losing up to 4 hours of my day, watching TV shows in bed. Turns out that when you get up earlier, you get productive earlier; with a midday nap, I’ve been adding hours to my day.

Some other short-term resolutions you could consider are; 

Do five stretches in the morning or evening

Make a concrete morning and evening routine; stick to it like concrete and guard it ferociously.

Write thank you notes for Christmas visitors/presents

Put aside 3 minutes a day for mindfulness

Watch one TED talk a day

Batch make some meals

Turn your phone off for ten minutes a day

Stop watching morning TV shows

Sing in the car on the way to work

Use a reusable cup for your coffee

Bring fabric bags to the supermarket


Medium-term resolutions

What are some things you can change that will help you reach a specific goal?

For me, medium-term goals (and by default, resolutions), are things that keep your aspirations kicking along. Be it a fitness goal, spending goal, career, family or lifestyle goal, these are the things that if neglected, could mean the difference between success and mediocrity.

My medium term goal is to use my diary prolifically. I have this gorgeous Kate Spade planner that I lug with me everywhere, but sometimes I get slack about using it. Using it to stay as disgustingly organized as possible is something that keeps my life in check, and significantly improves my health.

Some other medium-term resolutions you can make are;

Batch make meals on a specific day, every week

Donate your time to a charity; not only is it a wonderful thing to do, it will it also look darn good on a resume.

Compose a standard email draft format

Buy less; donate things you don’t need to a local charity shop

Start a physical inbox; clear it out at the end of each week

Write a budget: stick to it like PVA glue

Start putting a percentage of money away, if you can; put it in a separate savings account. Whether you’re saving for a rainy day, a pair of shoes, travel, a car or a housing loan, think big with your money.

Run through all your bills; make sure there are no inconsistencies.

Get to work 5 minutes early; ask your boss what your purpose management goals are

Switch to all natural products

Clean out your computer; bookmark and save things properly

Long-term resolutions

Long-term resolutions seem to be the ones that we always make, and yet always forget about. Look at the big picture. You want to get from point A, to point B. What major changes will affect your life in the long term?

Unfortunately, my long-term goal is really boring; spend more quality time studying. I want to study smarter, not faster. Investing diligent time in a study process over a period of weeks is much more effective than cramming, which I am notorious for doing. The long-term goal, of course, is to finish my degree.

Some other long-term resolutions you can make are;

Start putting money away for a house

Start an organized calendar, or bullet journal and plan your goals out

Gift only charity presents, for a whole year

Spend less, spend smart

Keep medications and appointments prearranged, on a schedule and organised

Break a bad habit

Switch to a more sustainable energy source

Read a book every two weeks

Start learning a language on an app like Duolingo

Drink two liters of water a day, every day, for a whole year


It takes 21 days to make a habit; it takes 90 days to make a lifestyle. Following even one resolution can make this coming year better than the last; without any change, you are simply forced to go with the flow of other peoples changes.

Have some resolutions you want to share? Comment, or tag @thepacificblonde

Happy New Year!

The Pacific Blonde, 2017