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Getting off the plane, I realised I should have done far more research about the place I was flying too. My family, back in Dublin, had gastro, and I had (wisely) decided to leave the country for a while. Following my Scottish jaunt, I discovered a flight, from Edinburgh to Salzburg, for $16 AUD.
Now, standing in the freezing flight terminal, I realised what a terrible idea it had been. Why was it a terrible idea, you ask? Well, because it’s January, and the only shoes I have are Adidas sneakers.

Good job Emma.

Slipping and sliding across the ice, carry on bag sliding across the ground in an escape attempt, I fished my gloves out of my bag and tried to think about the fact that it was snowing rather than the temperature that the snow made me.

You see, dear reader, at this point, the number one thing you need to know is that I have never seen snow before, unless you count that artificial sludge crap at the base of Mount Bulla when I was 5. But here, in this crystal, freezing paradise, fucking icy wet blobs fell from the sky and made me even colder.

It wasn’t until the next day that I could try to appreciate what I had essentially sacrificed the tips of my fingers and toes for. The lake, near frozen, separated the old and new towns of Salzburg, with slippery translucent paths over each side. The light was reflective and blinding – who would have thought that sunglasses and sunscreen would be necessary for this environment?

Almost everything Salzburg boasts was frozen over in ice – palatial gardens a vision of white, sludge trenches lining the roads and people out in layers upon layers of clothing. However, it was the Salzburg’s Town Hall that took the cake, standing x meters high, crowning itself in icy jewels.

Filled with treasures of old and new, the stunning palace collected hallways of paintings, sculptures, and pope-esque trinkets. No literally, things the pope collected. With its gorgeous facade and marble interior, combined with the silence of the off season, Salzburg was truly a sight to behold, and one worth going to.

One thing to note though – bring appropriate footwear.

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The Pacific Blonde, 2017