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The Spoon Theory: A Review

The Spoon Theory: A Review

What It Is

The Spoon Theory was written by Christine Miserandino from www.butyoudontlooksick.com.

Credit: But You Don’t Look Sick

I find that the spoons theory is a really great way of explaining to family and friends how you cope with energy. It’s very difficult to express how hard simple things are for you, especially when they aren’t experiencing it themselves. It’s also a really good way to chat amongst sufferers. Not dissimilar to the metric measuring symptom, it gives us a common language to discuss different illnesses.

How To Use It

I did this with my extended family at Christmas. I sat down with the slightly wine-drunk adults and pulled out my grandmother’s second-best cutlery for the explanation. It wasn’t perfect – some still preached yoga and diet – but it was a good way to explain. It meant I was able to explain why I was being distant, why the kids couldn’t wake me at 7 am and why I, a certified adult, had to have two afternoon naps.

Did It Work?

It was great. I’m hoping that in the coming years I’ll be able to do the same to my little cousins (I’m the eldest) and maybe express to them why sometimes, I’m not around, even though I’d like to be.

I’m a huge family person, but I’ve been assured that this works on friends too. I’ve been fortunate enough to find friends that already understand, even though I wish they didn’t and had functioning immune systems.

Still, I talk about ‘spoons’ with my friends – the words ‘no, sorry, that’s too many spoons’ is something that I say often. It’s really tangible, too; no one really questions it. Though the concept of chronic energy loss is hard to understand, telling people that you’re running out of ‘spoons’ is easy to grasp.

I found this a really great, kinesthetic way of explaining an illness that to most people is invisible.

You can find the whole explanation at https://cdn.totalcomputersusa.com/butyoudontlooksick.com/uploads/2010/02/BYDLS-TheSpoonTheory.pdf

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