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I have a new thing – the yogi wrap

I have a new thing – the yogi wrap

Guys okay. I’m so excited, I can barely type.

I have bought. A new. Thing. It’s my favourite thing ever. It’s the best thing ever.

It’s not a cure. Or a new tablet. It’s not a portable masseuse, nor is it a wallet-sized Ryan Gosling.

No, it’s so much better.

It’s a wearable blanket.

A wearable, yoga, blanket wrap.

It’s very amazing, and I love it quite a lot.

HEAR ME OUT. I know what you’re thinking; Emma, why don’t you just buy a blanket and wrap yourself in that?

Well, firstly, because I’ve tried that, and it wasn’t all that practical. So I have purchased this because it is better designed, prettier and locally made. LOCALLY MADE EVERY ONE.

So I will be wearing this, non-stop. I can’t decide whether this is a yoga wrap, a jacket, a cardigan or a blanket. Plus, it’s the perfect throw-on-over-your leggings/harem pants/jeans/pyjamas that makes you look put together and alive. Like you almost care about life, but you’re super ready to nap in the back of your car. It’s like my life aesthetic in one.

The girls at Yogi Peace Club are from Bells Beach (right around the corner from me!) and they’re phenomenal. They even dropped the darn thing into my letterbox for me, completely free of charge. Phenomenal human beings, phenomenal designers. I’ve had like one email conversation with them and I love them. Specifically, Em, who runs the place.


Go visit them. Go. Do it.

The Pacific Blonde, 2017